Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Wardrobe

Twitter: "@MarisaGray What are your latest fav spring finds for wardrobes"

Praise the gods for this @mention I received from my college roommate - a reminder that I've written one blog entry this month. Frankly, I've been going goo-goo ga-ga over all things related to matters of the home. ElleDecor? I'm there. OneKingsLane? I have the app. Williams-Sonoma? Way over-priced but I indulged. Pottery Barn? Brilliant. Marshall's... a new must for the rotation.

PS - I just moved into a new place. Hence the home furnishings tunnel vision.

But I do have opinions on Spring wardrobes, because one can't be walking around wearing lamp shades (or can one....), which I've previously shared (neons paired with neutrals, color-blocking, pastels with a modern edge, etc. etc.)... but we're approaching Summer, so let's embrace it.

A few turnkey pieces to keep in your Summer Wardrobe, starting from images above, top to bottom.
>> Get yourself a chain necklace and some white haute jewelry. This here is vintage Chanel from Monkee's of the Village  here in Winston-Salem.

>> Rompers. They don't flatter my figure very well, but I heart them a lot. Maybe I'll find The One soon. Pictured is DVF romper, and below that is also DVF, but a jumpsuit - which appeases my lankiness a bit more. While we're still in romper-land, I will go ahead and mention I fell in love with the bottom left photo via Rebecca & Co. by Hunter Dixon.

>> Blazers, so hot right now. Get a bold and a neutral, my preference navy. Buy this neon Juicy Couture one here.

>> White Jeans. I buy new ones every year. This year I got some Paige boot-cut and Joe's Jeans scalloped. BUT I will say last year I had a pair of all-time favorites, Citizen's of Humanity.

>> Cut-off Jean Shorts. Always. But these mint colored cut-offs really do it for me. Plus, they have a subtle leopard pattern. 'Nuff said. Buy here.

Not pictured, but let me provide insufficient detail, and help me if you can. For the life of me, I cannot figure out who makes the get-up that Jessa is wearing in an episode the Girls (which is amazing by the way) when her employer's friend says she has the face of Brigitte Bardot and the ass of Scarlet Johannson. Any takers?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tribute to a Male

This goes out to my old pal who lives in Nashville. Sleek lines, humble watch, sitting atop a TUFTED couch. Dark-rimmed glasses and argyle socks that speak "I went to Vanderbilt, what of it?" One word: style. And ten more: ladies, don't sully his swag with texts, tweet at him @chrissong