Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gena Chandler / Raleigh

Three things. New Alexis Bittar (so fun) jewelry. Tibi/DVF Sale. And Jonathan Adler (see my post here) at High Point Furniture Market. Gena & Chandler, doing it right, per usual. As for the jewels - ladies, you always need your hoop staple, and go ahead and indulge in a long chain necklace piece while you're at it. Stop in and see these amazing ladies, 4209-106 Lassiter Mill Road, Raleigh NC / 919.881.9480.

Friday, April 13, 2012

One King's Landing Sales

Any of the above elements can be added to, dare I say, any type of room to add an attractive zing. What zing means, you ask? As defined by


 [zing]  Show IPA
vitality, animation, or zest.
a quality or characteristic that excites the interest,enthusiasm, etc.: a tourist town with lots of zing.
a sharp singing or whining noise, as of a bullet passing through the air.


Now, this accent table, likely isn't going to be suited for just any room. I envision this bamboo-and-tassel white delight in a sunroom, or entry way. A room with bright light, and perhaps holding up a fresh bouquet of Spring's most colorful botanicals.

I'm as equally excited to have come across these babies as I am bashful, but I give you my frank appeal for hot water bottles. For some reason, they help cure my insomnia. And now perhaps I can look less like a 85- year old hanging out with one.

d. Garrett Bench, Sale $199 (est. $545)
b. Hand-beaded Linen Pillow, Sale $99 (est. $145)
g. Faulker Accent Table, Sale $369 (est. $815)
f. Bradie Stool, $109 (est. $235)
c. 4x6 Shellwood Frame, Smoke, $Sale $22 ($44)
e. Square Mirror Tray, $39 ($110)
a. Clover Crystal Basket Mount, $169 ($345)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tibi Meets DVF

A few inspirations as of late... some ideal for work, others for music festivals coming up, garden parties and the like... I will start by saying I am panting/drooling over the Tibi shoes up top. The thin lines whisper feminine, while bright colors and patterns speak fun and sexy. Great for work, or after-hours fashion statement. You can also see that I'm feeling the best-selling Maja Dress with bold, orange print per Diane von Furstenberg... such elegant flows to these dresses. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rebecca & Co. of Winston-Salem

Sunglasses DO grow on trees, don't let anyone tell you differently. Tory Burch blossoms, etc. etc.

Reasoning behind deeming this "Rebecca & Co. of Winston-Salem" is because it is now owned by the one and only, Lisa, who has been dedicated for 16 years to this chic boutique... and it has paid off (pun)!

Had a lovely lunch break with the ladies of Rebecca's... Janie was sweet enough to pop in for me...and  Brianna, always so helpful ! I had been drawn to the James Jean scalloped, white pants (below) that I peeped online and decided it was a must-have. There is a plethora of new items... bright colors, chiffons, sassy shorts & fabulous bags - all just in time for Spring - as well as some great sales (hence the Marc by Marc Jacobs computer case, also below, that I decided I had to have).

I am particularly obsessed with the neon yellow Alice & Olivia top above... it is the epitome of modern female. Joe's jeans shorts in red...super hot. Lots of ring candy as well. A good day before Good Friday!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April at Bevello

Can't believe it's April already. My "Spring Fever" involves 88% Shopping Fever, 5% Weather Fever and... well nevermind I can't do math. The final percentage is probably a combo of traveling, wining and dining, and good books for the travels (mags). Pictured above are one of my latest steals from bevello here in WS. Sam Edelman signature sandals, in just a good brown.

They also have a plethora of Ellison shirts, which I dig, because they're usually great colors (I have bright orange and pink so far), lightweight and can be worn for layering or just topped with a nice necklace pop. If you can't make to bevello, you can shop online at Tobi, because Ellison online is for buyers only unfortunately...