Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Claim to Fame?

On the Street... Via Alserio, Milan by Sartorialist
Cute gal, stylish. Awesome photograph, naturally. Take a closer look... her wrist is clad in the birthday bracelet received by yours truly. I'm basically famous by association. Happy Hump Day!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Me Gusta Gusto

So as to not betray my tweet peoples, as promised, I'm excited to share a new (to me) shop here in downtown Winston-Salem called Gusto. After a lovely lunch at Filling Station last Wednesday, I crossed the street and popped in here. I very quickly found two pieces that earned themselves spots on my Wish List (as if that's hard to do). The first being a black leather motorcycle jacket, which is normally outside my preference parameters (got to love some good ol' alliteration), but this one has a few added elements that sparked my interest: a shiny/glossy exterior finish, cropped and fitted to my perfection (seriously, it was made for me, it's fate, I just know it), and to top it off (pun love, too) - the lines are magnificent. Its horizontally-striped seaming creates subtle dimension, while the silver, angled pocket zippers add jump-your-bones edge. $345

My second obsession is a cape, surprise (above, left). Drew, $275. A close third is this amazingly handsome fur satchel.

Uhh... have you ever seen such a fabulous shoe-chair? Speaking of shoes, they have 50% off all shoes at the moment...

Since I'm all about everything-languages, I was diggin' the Scrabble-esq jewelry. And this here belt is on sale (can't remember but definitely under $100)!

Gusto is located at 854 West 4th Street. Give them a ring at 336.529.6593.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ella Mission

Can someone please find me this? Ella Moss Pierre Dress, black, size 2. You'll be rewarded.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Champagne Shopping Rules

I know it might seem like I'm Wildflower's PR girl what with all my promotion over here, but one last post dedicated to the lovely shop (for a few weeks anyway). Last night they had their annual November Holiday Open House. Obviously I was there with MM, as well as another lovely lady friend (& co-worker), Whitney. You'll see them in a minute. First, above are the tops that came home with me. The David Kahn sweater ($109) in dove is as soft as its shade. Because it's is loose knit, can be worn in fall, winter and spring. The cotton jersey teal green is by Indigenous Designs, which is a nice layering piece or by itself (not to mention, 100% organic). Great price point too - $60!

The three of us took the liberty to create our own dressing room in the back room, popped some bottles of bubbly and had an orgy. Okay, minus the orgy. But Mary did show off her dancing "skills" for us, as you can see. They had delicious hors d'oeuvres (cheese, crackers, spinach dip, etc.) ... and once you got to the checkout counter, you reached into a grab bag to uncover your discount fate. I got 30% - not too bad!

Goody bags consisted of Christmas socks, delightful chocolates and a festive ornament.

I thought I was done with shopping for the week until they had to send me another eblast this morning with a shoe sale today and tomorrow. Sneaky feeling I'll see the lovely ladies of the boutique again tomorrow. Have a good weekend and stay warm !!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Apple a Day

Today, I am featuring pieces from one of my best friend's sister-in-law's blog (in the South, you're lucky you didn't get a "my boyfriend's sister's best friend's husband's assistant-who I actually went to grade school with-OK). Her name is Anna (Arnett) Applegate. Actually, okay, so I knew of her before since her brother lived with one of my male best friend's in college - ha, oops. #guiltysoutherner #thisisnottwitterthuswhyamiusinghashtags

TO GET TO MY POINT... She's vastly talented in interior design, and whilst I know she's been Superwoman-busy the past 12 months (popped out one child, and another's on the way, capiche?), I'm confident she'll continue to make headway in her hobby. I mean, just look at that fabulous dresser.

Anna's pieces are featured on her site, Anna Applegate Interiors (blog: An Apple a Day, hence today's title). They have been sold at Hunt & Gather in Raleigh previously, but now that we're lucky enough to have her here in Winston, she's mostly doing work in homes. She's guest-blogged for Savor NC. Her sister-in-law (my bff if you recall) - Katelyn Applegate - says -

"She has a truly amazing eye for design. I've learned so much from her."

I agree! Love these coral chairs she re-finished (above). I would describe her style as clean, classic and traditional with bold accents.

Fun fishes! Liking how this rug elongates the hallway here as well.

So, I don't know about you all, but I'm selfishly ready for baby #2 to arrive so hopefully we can see more from Mrs. Applegate again soon! xx

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jessie x 3

Today was the day of the Feather Bar at Wildflower that I mentioned a few weeks ago. I feathered hard. The Edge of Urge gals were simply adorable, and I have crushes on all three of them - the Jessies. Made things a bit easier on the ol' hippocampus. I put together earrings with three feathers with rings for removing one or two if you prefer...

My partner in crime for Wildflower (et al) shopping and dearest of friend Mary Madison and I have been entertaining a friendship bracelet investment as of late. Today we went in for the kill! So cute.

Mary Madison

She also invested in an ear cuff with an adorable turquoise stone, adding a long skinny feather attached to it.

I can't say enough good things about the Jessies of Edge!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tufted Things, Not the Elephant Kind

source: here.
source: here.
Now, to address what I previously mentioned about tufted treasures, and just why 'tuft' landed a spot in my blog name. I just don't know if something could look more comfortably romantic. But then someone went and gilded these headboards and proved that thought erroneous.

source: here.
A version of this room will be at my beach digs one day when that happens for me. Mark me words, matey. Or something...

For those interested in DIY projects, this is one of them.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Not-Creepy Capes

I don't know about you all (conscious effort to masque the Southern in me with the "you all"), but waking up in the winter for me is just hellacious. I'm the Lion from Wizard of Oz when it comes to cold weather. So when I see virtual blankets disguised fashionably as "sweaters," "capes" or things of the like, I want, and now. I think of my bed and all things warm, and feel a little braver imagining myself walking to and fro in frigid air. The one above by Chloe is a little out of my price range (what do you mean $1,150 is too much to spend on a sweater?) (curses on my unfailing expensive taste), so I've found some other reasonably priced below.

Just found this STEAL also by Chloe - originally $760 - now $266 !!
J.Crew ($200)

Vince ($325)
On days like today in Winston-Salem, NC, it's tough to imagine the need for one of these babies... but, in due time... prepare now & cape thyselves.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lend a Hand?

So I was instantly intrigued reading Vogue online this morning when I saw three things I love: Marc Jacobs, NARS & the color purple. Jacobs & Francois of Nars teamed up again to create these fun fingerless cashmere gloves paired with nail polish. I do actually like the black gloves and bronze nail polish together better. Either way, I'm 100% a fan, BUT...

...what about our fingertips? I mean, they get cold, too... in fact, they seem to get the coldest! Then I remembered when I was in New York last winter, I discovered the gloves that have the iPhone tip on the pointer fingers. SO THEN I went searching to the end of the Web and back to find agloves for you:

There's also apparently a way to make your own gloves iPhone (etc.) friendly, which you can watch a video tutorial on here. I haven't actually owned a pair of fingerless gloves before, so I'd love any input or  personal experience feedback... Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Geometric Glam

Diane von Furstenberg

A Tale of Two Cities? Hamlet? Cinches. I made my 8th grade language teacher proud. My 8th grade Algebra teacher, however, probably looked at me the same way I look at Sarah Palin. So, when 9th grade rolled around and Geometry was the new math, lending a hand to the "left side of the brain people," I totally got it. Just like I get these geometric prints.

Triangle + skinny rectangle + fat rectangle + skinny rectangle + Triangle = Genius. The great thing about big, bold, geometric figures is that you have the ability to re-create your own figure in a sense. Placed appropriately, it can create an optical illusion of wider shoulders, a smaller waist or flatter your hips (provided you don't have a Project Runway scrub throwing something together). To me, the key is keeping your color palette simple with these prints: maximum of three colors. Otherwise, you get a little overwhelmed.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Leather Love

mon premier morceau par Hermes

Translation: My first piece by Hermes. Forget celebrating my birthday next year - the day is now replaced with the birth of Hermes in my world. Black leather wrap bracelet with gold turn piece. What an eyesore, no?

I began to develop a love for leather jewelry last winter when I was working at Monkee's of Raleigh and I laid eyes on Nicole Richie's House of Harlow 1960 line. Her Fall 2011 collection did not disappoint. In particular, the Sunburst design is my favorite. I lost one of my favorite black leather earrings so need to find a new partner for my single friend... Search at Singer22 or Nordstrom. Also visit the Monkee's site and find a location near you that may carry HOH.