Friday, November 4, 2011

Lend a Hand?

So I was instantly intrigued reading Vogue online this morning when I saw three things I love: Marc Jacobs, NARS & the color purple. Jacobs & Francois of Nars teamed up again to create these fun fingerless cashmere gloves paired with nail polish. I do actually like the black gloves and bronze nail polish together better. Either way, I'm 100% a fan, BUT...

...what about our fingertips? I mean, they get cold, too... in fact, they seem to get the coldest! Then I remembered when I was in New York last winter, I discovered the gloves that have the iPhone tip on the pointer fingers. SO THEN I went searching to the end of the Web and back to find agloves for you:

There's also apparently a way to make your own gloves iPhone (etc.) friendly, which you can watch a video tutorial on here. I haven't actually owned a pair of fingerless gloves before, so I'd love any input or  personal experience feedback... Happy Friday!!


  1. Some of my faves too! NARS is my absolute favorite beauty brand, and I have actually been contemplating fingerless gloves! Perfect match!

  2. Sold! To the lady in potential fingerless gloves. Thanks lady! xx