Monday, November 7, 2011

Not-Creepy Capes

I don't know about you all (conscious effort to masque the Southern in me with the "you all"), but waking up in the winter for me is just hellacious. I'm the Lion from Wizard of Oz when it comes to cold weather. So when I see virtual blankets disguised fashionably as "sweaters," "capes" or things of the like, I want, and now. I think of my bed and all things warm, and feel a little braver imagining myself walking to and fro in frigid air. The one above by Chloe is a little out of my price range (what do you mean $1,150 is too much to spend on a sweater?) (curses on my unfailing expensive taste), so I've found some other reasonably priced below.

Just found this STEAL also by Chloe - originally $760 - now $266 !!
J.Crew ($200)

Vince ($325)
On days like today in Winston-Salem, NC, it's tough to imagine the need for one of these babies... but, in due time... prepare now & cape thyselves.

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