Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Apple a Day

Today, I am featuring pieces from one of my best friend's sister-in-law's blog (in the South, you're lucky you didn't get a "my boyfriend's sister's best friend's husband's assistant-who I actually went to grade school with-OK). Her name is Anna (Arnett) Applegate. Actually, okay, so I knew of her before since her brother lived with one of my male best friend's in college - ha, oops. #guiltysoutherner #thisisnottwitterthuswhyamiusinghashtags

TO GET TO MY POINT... She's vastly talented in interior design, and whilst I know she's been Superwoman-busy the past 12 months (popped out one child, and another's on the way, capiche?), I'm confident she'll continue to make headway in her hobby. I mean, just look at that fabulous dresser.

Anna's pieces are featured on her site, Anna Applegate Interiors (blog: An Apple a Day, hence today's title). They have been sold at Hunt & Gather in Raleigh previously, but now that we're lucky enough to have her here in Winston, she's mostly doing work in homes. She's guest-blogged for Savor NC. Her sister-in-law (my bff if you recall) - Katelyn Applegate - says -

"She has a truly amazing eye for design. I've learned so much from her."

I agree! Love these coral chairs she re-finished (above). I would describe her style as clean, classic and traditional with bold accents.

Fun fishes! Liking how this rug elongates the hallway here as well.

So, I don't know about you all, but I'm selfishly ready for baby #2 to arrive so hopefully we can see more from Mrs. Applegate again soon! xx

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  1. love the photos<3