Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Geometric Glam

Diane von Furstenberg

A Tale of Two Cities? Hamlet? Cinches. I made my 8th grade language teacher proud. My 8th grade Algebra teacher, however, probably looked at me the same way I look at Sarah Palin. So, when 9th grade rolled around and Geometry was the new math, lending a hand to the "left side of the brain people," I totally got it. Just like I get these geometric prints.

Triangle + skinny rectangle + fat rectangle + skinny rectangle + Triangle = Genius. The great thing about big, bold, geometric figures is that you have the ability to re-create your own figure in a sense. Placed appropriately, it can create an optical illusion of wider shoulders, a smaller waist or flatter your hips (provided you don't have a Project Runway scrub throwing something together). To me, the key is keeping your color palette simple with these prints: maximum of three colors. Otherwise, you get a little overwhelmed.

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