Friday, April 13, 2012

One King's Landing Sales

Any of the above elements can be added to, dare I say, any type of room to add an attractive zing. What zing means, you ask? As defined by


 [zing]  Show IPA
vitality, animation, or zest.
a quality or characteristic that excites the interest,enthusiasm, etc.: a tourist town with lots of zing.
a sharp singing or whining noise, as of a bullet passing through the air.


Now, this accent table, likely isn't going to be suited for just any room. I envision this bamboo-and-tassel white delight in a sunroom, or entry way. A room with bright light, and perhaps holding up a fresh bouquet of Spring's most colorful botanicals.

I'm as equally excited to have come across these babies as I am bashful, but I give you my frank appeal for hot water bottles. For some reason, they help cure my insomnia. And now perhaps I can look less like a 85- year old hanging out with one.

d. Garrett Bench, Sale $199 (est. $545)
b. Hand-beaded Linen Pillow, Sale $99 (est. $145)
g. Faulker Accent Table, Sale $369 (est. $815)
f. Bradie Stool, $109 (est. $235)
c. 4x6 Shellwood Frame, Smoke, $Sale $22 ($44)
e. Square Mirror Tray, $39 ($110)
a. Clover Crystal Basket Mount, $169 ($345)

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