Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swim Times, Part III

Okay, so I know it's an understatement saying "it's ludicrous to spend $298 on a beach towel," especially in consideration of a) long days in the sun, drinking cocktails (insinuating you might...just might...lose sight of your towel), b) there's a pretty big potential of sun, sand and chlorine damage and c) it's just plain silly. BUT I have found some designer towels way under $100 as well, which makes me happy. Check out these beautiful linens in which to bronze thyself (or shade thyself)!

Picture above: Jemina by Roberta Roller, $100. Malika towel by MissoniHome, $235. Harbour Island by Deborah Island Linens, $298. Bisquine Towel by Lacoste, $27. Trina Turk Palm Springs Towel, $58. 

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