Friday, August 24, 2012

Love Quotes

The time of the year when scarves become more abundant, and when I'm happiest, is encroaching. Fall. Just four letters... bearing cooler weather, chunky knit sweaters, boots, football season, the fair, Marisaween (my birthday/halloween) and oh-so-much-more. I'm going to FALL back into my blog writing with summertime laziness fading. #puns

I briefly mentioned a Love Quotes scarf last year here, but upon further discussion with a dear pal (shout out to Elizabeth), I believe it needs more dedication. In my investigation, I've discovered many a celeb enjoyeth rocking these amazing jewels of fabrics (love how Sofia uses as a wrap above). Not shocking, seeing as they come in nearly any color under the sun, and they are lightweight but also do their job as a scarf.

I love that each scarf comes with an actual love quote, and there are daily love quotes posted on the site. Because, isn't above all, love, the greatest thing? So, thanks Phyllis Wiener for these... xx happy weekend!

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