Friday, October 28, 2011

Must Have Now

Do yourselves all a favor and go buy these jeans immediately: Hudson Ferris Flap Pocket Flare, Soho $198. While their site describes them as "a sexy silhouette with a neo-bohemian edge," I'd call them the best-fitting, softest pair of jeans I've ever owned. That combo being said, that's all you should need to know. Pair with your highest wedges.

You might also pick yourself up a Love Quotes Scarf. I have an orange one, but I've got my eye on brown and I'm betting it won't stop there... Scarves are my favorite accessory. ShopBop has a few.

AND, thirdly, what I needed today: rain boots. I somehow lost my Tory Burch boots from last year, which is okay with me because they were a little loud (the emblem) anyway. I guess I will just have to jump on the bandwagon and get a pair of the popular Hunter boots. This color goes with anything - these are listed on Bergdorf's for $125 but I've seen them cheaper elsewhere (usually around $115)...

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