Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Fresh Canvas

I’ve dabbled in blogging a couple of times, but I’ve decided to reinvent my blog with the intent to hone in on my personal taste and interests.

On the horizon, I envisage many a recipe involving ingredients such as avocados, pesto, nuts and cheese ("healthy food" per me, "hippie food" per my sig. other)... more than likely elegant, simple clothing and bold jewelry... wine selections (perhaps on occasion paired with ever-entertaining stories that tend to ensue)... musical musings... probably over the top interior design and architecture... and whatever else I may pick up in my self discovery.

A couple of dear friends also contributed to my inspiration. If you know what’s good for you, follow their blogs as well: The Change Factory and Southern Arrondissement. Both aim to shed light on things that inspire them and their respective designers in the area (or their own designs). This will also be part of my focus. And let's be serious, we were all inspired by the Fashion Blog Bible.

I hope to keep things short and sweet (or sassy) overall, but since this is my very first, I’ll at least need to leave you with my latest obsession (below): BB Dakota Faux Fur Vest. A real deal that I scooped up at bevello here in Winston-Salem, perfect for fall. I'll probably be traipsing all around town in it. There may be 2 left...

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