Thursday, December 8, 2011

Run, Forest...

Someone recently told me that the #1 motivating factor for women to begin (or continue) exercising is attractive workout gear. Ridiculous as it may be, I fully comprehend - likely because I'm a little ridiculous myself. So all we need, ladies, is for Santa to bring us lots and lots of lululemon - then we will start putting in time at the gym - and voila! shed some pounds. If these bright and lively colors don't get you in the mood, I don't know what will. (Although, sounds to good to be true... and we all know what "they say" about the things that seem to good to be true...) #justsayin' It's a good thing this isn't an English paper of a blog entry today - my thesis is all over the map.

Moving along, the pants above really whet my yoga whistle. What's also entertaining, is the clever descriptive blurbs on features, i.e. "the diamond gusset lets you reach for your toes without worrying about the camel's" [chuckle]. Wunder Under Pant, $92.

I am even more into these guys, however. ("chafe-resistant flat seams ensure you don't get rubbed the wrong way") Run: For It Tight, $98.

Always been a Nike gal myself, so see above for my traditional go-tos. And now, go-to-the-gym.

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