Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Marc Madness

You'd think I was a big fan of red, what with North Carolina State University being my alma mater, but, not the case. However, the first thing I saw last week upon walking in the door at Rebecca & Co. was the most perfect red purse by the most perfect Marc Jacobs.

This bold move was an excellent decision and will always have the ability to add some fun to any and every outfit - casual or formal - both of which were tried and true this past weekend at respective dress-coded events. Also available on Shopbop ($200).

Rebecca's has quite a selection of other Marc by Marc Jacobs bags - the ideal gift this season (or any season). Give them a call at 336.750.0482 (Winston) Greensboro number below.

His new line with bird-shaped logo plates are friggin' adorable. I've also been to their newest sister store, Perch, located a short drive down I-40E in Greensboro / 336.574.3626. They, too, have lots of Marc!


  1. Heard about this and we were thrilled! Thank you for the feature!! Will have to tweet about this.