Thursday, December 15, 2011

Re-tale Therapy

After having a lovely lunch at the ever-tasty Mozelle's today (they took my tomato pie virginity - and rocked my world), some colleagues and a client introduced me to Re-tale just around the corner.

A fellow customer offered a voice of wisdom as we brushed shoulders, gently whispering "if you like, you buy it - things go fast here." I chose to ignore "other whispers" from this silver bag here above.

I was excited to learn of a new bargain shop, although I am not the usual buyer at such - I probably  need to be. I do love that "every item has a story" sentiment. We couldn't figure out what this painting was of - a candle, a fire place - but I loved the red/gold color combination. $28! Stop in and see the friendly folks at 922 Burke Street here in Winston.

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