Monday, December 19, 2011

Cuffs & Molds

So, Whitney and I arrived at 6:00pm on the dot to Gusto's soiree last week... embarrassingly; however, the early birds got the worms. And by worms, I mean cuffs. As pictured above, I laid my eyes on this sparky zebra striped cuff and immediately knew it was meant to be. 

...Until Whitney discovered this deep mahogany, glossy leather number... I thought that was meant to be for me, too, but you win some, you lose some.

Very cool: Gusto's emblem on the bags. They are handmade, in store, from metal sheets that they mold. Love! I also formally met (as I've certainly acquainted with before) the adorable owners, Ashley and Austin. Their passion for fashion (see what I did there) is vibrant. The "+" part of the 'A' I give them is due, in part, to bonding with Ashley over Nicole Richie - my idol.

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