Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Forgive me for my lack of loyalty posting as of late, as the new year hasn't been particularly forgiving of me as of yet. Today, however, for my outfit, I chose one of my all-time favorite designers to peek out from a part sassy, part simple light grey cardigan - analili - which deserves a few words. Said peeking apparel is a polyester/spandex blend, one-shoulder, asymmetrical drop mini waist with multi-color abstract print (as seen above). No, I did not whore myself into work today. What I like about it is that I can turn it into a top as well, paired with jeans and my sassy/simple cardi. The detailed, intricate design is the focal point of my outfit with very minimal jewelry so as not to distract from it in all its beauty. I happened to pick up this gem from my favorite Wildfire boutique last winter, and I know they love analili, too, and have some items in now as well.

As you can see, magic is at work when lili is. Most of the above dresses are my favorites from her Fall 2011 collection. I'm eagerly awaiting Spring 2012.... Read her inspiring bio here.

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