Wednesday, January 18, 2012

French Charm Trend

J-Brand Mid-Rise Overdyed Skinny Leg Jeans, coral
Vince Camuto Polka Dot Peasant Blouse 
Vince Camuto Ruffle Sleeve
Trouvé Long Sleeve Silk Shirt, plaster
Pardon my being lax on updates this week. Don't ever drive in Wrightsville beach, ever. You might somehow end up having to get your car towed across the country. Just don't.

In other news... NORDSTROM, true to fashion (cough, pun, cough), sparked my intrigue via an e-blast entitled "Key to Parisian Chic: Pastels, Polka Dots and Lace" - which does a great job summing up above pieces. Because I am of French ancestry, I feel like I "get" French Style and whether it's true or not, also feel that I fit best into their cuts (I do happen to be rather tall and lanky). I love the flowy, fit blouses with simple, elegant lines and subtle, yet sexy, colors. Enjoy.

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