Sunday, January 8, 2012

Who Doesn't Enjoy a Good Material Recovery?

So yet another Sunday passes me by as I realize I've come crawling back to the visual crack that is Pinterest. After clicking upon a rainbow collage of bright, vintage pillows that caught my eye, I followed them to the pot of gold, Material Recovery's etsy page. Based in San Antonio, TX, this project's focus is revitalizing antique central asian textiles to create fine art furniture - all handmade. As always, I love bold color combinations, and the intricate, vintage embroidery makes me happy to know no one else might have clad their living room in the very same designs (God forbid). The blue chevron lampshade is everything I want to be and more. Not sure about the actual lamp itself, but the shade is utmost of cool (pun?). Now, to mentally prepare for the first full week back at work since the holidays...

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